About Irvine Company Retail Properties

Bringing a new dimension to the California coastal open-air shopping experience, Irvine Company Retail Properties has created some of America’s most popular retail centers. Since opening our first neighborhood retail center in 1963, we develop, manage, and market retail environments designed to integrate with and enhance the surrounding community. The result is an always-evolving, vibrant and successful blend of merchants that keep our retail centers on the leading edge of consumer trends.

From regional centers such as Fashion Island in Newport Beach to neighborhood shopping centers like Woodbury Town Center in Irvine, each locally-tailored center offers its own unique mix of shopping, dining and entertainment set among lush landscaping, expansive paseos, relaxing fountains and inviting gathering places where people want to meet. With forward-thinking retail and service mixes, each retail destination embodies the essence of an aspirational coastal California lifestyle and is planned to serve the needs of its distinct customer base.


Orange County has all of the dynamic qualities that enable retail shopping centers and businesses to thrive.


  • Average spend on food away from home is 38% higher than the national average.*
  • Average spend on apparel and services is 39% higher than the national average.*
  • Average spend on entertainment and recreation is 34% higher than the national average.*
  • Average home value in Orange County is nearly 3.7x the U.S. average.
  • Orange County ranks #1 in total retail sales per capita in SoCal, higher than the national, San Diego County, and Los Angeles County averages.**
  • Orange County's average household income ranks #1 in comparison to Los Angeles and San Deigo counties and is 2x higher than the national average.*



  • #1 Safest City among large US cities***
  • #1 Fastest-Growing Large City in California
  • #1 in Fiscal Strength in the Nation***
  • #1 Busiest Train Station in Orange County***
  • #1 for Leading an Active Lifestyle among large US cities††
  • Leader in Tech Job Growth in North America†††
  • 5th Happiest City in America***


SOURCES: *ESRI Business Analyst, 2021. **U.S. Census Bureau, 2020. ***City of Irvine. GreaterIrvineChamber.com. ††Storagecafe.com. †††TPL 2021 Report.

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