Honey & Butter's macaron shells are made with almonds from California. They make the jams from fresh fruits, grind the pistachios and hazelnuts, and temper the chocolate themselves to make sure that everything that goes into each macaron is fresh and joyful.

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Additional Info

Name: Honey & Butter Macarons
Phone: (949) 536-5556
Center: Irvine Spectrum Center®
Type: Desserts
Price: $
Catering: Yes


Character Macarons

Character Macarons

The delicate and intricate macaron treats at Honey & Butter are as delicious as they are cute. Just need to soothe your sweet tooth? They have the perfect small bite? But if you really want to wow guests at an event, their character macarons are incredible.


Desserts • $  • (949) 536-5556



Flavors include Milk & Honey, French Toast Crunch, Sea Salted Caramel, Nutella, Passion Fruit, Pistachio, Matcha, and much more.

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