Fresh Brothers. Pizza, salad, wings. Dine-in, delivery and catering. Fresh salads, baked wings (never fried), plus gluten-free and vegan choices. Fresh thinking. Fresh pizza.

Additional Info

Name: Fresh Brothers Pizza-Salads-Wings
Phone: (714) 598-2828
Center: The Market Place
Type: Pizza, Salads
Price: $$
Service: Lunch, Dinner
Bar: B&W
Catering: Yes


Fresh Brothers

Fresh Brothers

Sure, Fresh Brothers is known for their pizza and garlic knots, but the restaurant is full of other fresh ideas. Take the Fresh Kids Special Sauce: a heaping handful of ground veggies, mixed right into the sauce. Call it Stealth Health. Your kids won't know it's there. Honest. (A lot of grown-ups love it, too!)

But, if you're looking for health that's a little less stealth, make sure to check out their handmade salads. Whether you choose one of the favorites like the Farmer's Market Salad or Greek Town Special or if you go the route of building your own, at Fresh Brothers, fresh is everything.

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